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From: Susie Q2097167379

This number called me, but I didn't answer. Came us as "unknown"

From: Katie2624702989

Three phone calls in a row and voicemails all under 5 seconds. Blank messages.

From: John Cobb8765660984

Got a call saying I received 3.5 million dollars and and a Mercedes Ben. As nice as that sounds it's also sounds to good to be true. The man had a slow and thick accent. Not sure the entire scam they were trying to pull as they didn't ask for anything personal as of yet, but I don't be calling the number they intended me to to find out. That number itself was 415251670

From: andrzej519367397

co to za numer?

From: Dom2143776036

I answer the phone, it takes a minute for him to say Hello, and he is looking for my mom, I tell him shes out of town, silence. Then a few minutes later he hangs up, possibly scammer.

From: skr3018201666

I keep receiving SMSs every week from this number. The content is "Hi".

From: CJ Murphy6183726164

DirecTV marketing

From: James Bryant 179452227

Answer the phone and there's silence

From: Douala652352964


From: Anonymous 3178282127

This man tries to hook up with married men.

From: Anthony Briones4808420372

my phone was soen

From: Nathan701222861


From: Andres 3168730469

Solo tengo curiosidad

From: dima19729759576

want to know who called this number, my phone number +7 918 743 9394

From: lily4087850546

We met online dating on connectingsingles.com
I was suspicious when I rechecked his profile he wrote that he is from Johannesburg, Durban. I got the number through the message he sent me. He mentioned that he works for an offshore company called America Steel Corporation as a metal sheet engineer. He is divorced with one daughter. He sent me two pictures of which I suspect it does not belong to him

From: bob4122677709

keeps calling

From: David Dustman4809936076

unknown number

From: james c. wilson jr.206466018

they put a virus.in my computer

From: don3304027032

called on job

From: elle4192950414

multiple calls and hangup

From: Silvio Kleffel+49525481209430

Metallbauer fgr Metallgestaltung mit freundlichen Grüßen Akademie für European Vocational Training Center

From: Headcliff4586974782417255120

Postmapsending for Bodine Kim.

From: Matthew2295595224

Didn't answer

From: T4697855951


From: Andreas Müller&Heike+4586974782417255120

Bitte vielmals um Mithilfe bei der abklärung das Sachverhaltes der Finanzierung der Deutschland weiten Neubauten der Lebenshilfe GmbH.

From: Kerkoff & kudofski@n4172551201+458697478

Wehr legt alles für die Lebenshilfe die Hand ins Feuer.

From: Wolfgang isinger4586974782

Fördermaßnahmen des Landes Thüringen und Dänemark

From: manoj287172153

call received ... but no voice

From: Jerome Forbes2423026502

Missed call.

From: Anitta Watson4172551201

Missed the call but do not recognize the number at all

From: Silvio Kleffel+4586974782

Das European Vocational Training Center

From: Silvio Kleffel+4586974766

European Vocational Training Center UAKAWA Kleffel Silvio.

From: Kudoffski2817637717

Jetzt demmerts.

From: Jayden 4248880114

Well when I got the call it was really fifth harmony and Lauren and the others said hey best fan

From: Elijah3176699615

Tried to get me to go "meet Donald Trump privately." ... weird. Obvious scam.

From: Unoun69812562

Did not answer

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