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From: Lindsay4253183192

Automated voice saying I'd won a giftcard.

From: Agnieszka226642390


From: valentina Rossigno3406069315

who called me with the telefon number 3406069315 ?

From: Ana a.k.a. "beatrice2094233424

I looked this phone number up because I had a feeling this girl wasn't my husbands real "sister." She is definitely not anyone's sister I don't think, because this phone number is linked to several websites advertising sex 4 sale! She is a prostitute and I am married to a man named Juan Antonio Jimenez who claimed that this hooker was his sister! I am pregnant by this man By The Way! Yeah, I don't think this marriage is going to last much longer to be honest with you. This pretty much killed it for me!

From: Kimberly Millette9162890890

He said he name was Chris and asked " can you cut me a quarter right now?"

From: miaa4095273151

it sound like a jail inmate calling my phone

From: User4155789182

Called from "Biz Fly" - based in New York City.

From: Clovix5018214147

The person behind this number is named Teresa Brown and she enjoys calling individuals and businesses while very drunk, slurred speech included, threatening to bring up a class action lawsuit again the individual and/or business. When you are an employee and you attempt to transfer her to someone in charge, she immediately hangs up. If you see this number, do not answer it. She is a scammer.

From: Paul658520618


From: Walter Johnson4105484898

Hang up

From: t2503704335


From: Johnathan Riollano747266744

Not sure who

From: Johnathan Riollano7262667644

Not sure who

From: sally568433554

weird and dark?

From: Aaron ramos5097475610

Curious if he is cheating

From: 7773233520273


From: Maya3315629462

street whore and escort in northen italy

From: Mariah4144998133

I don't know the number

From: giorgi599984716

unknown call

From: Luis gallardo 3055468123

I want to know how is was

From: Buyer4434889878

Pay Pal scammer. Do not let them pay you through paypal. It is a phishing SCAM

From: kaxa551076479

babo kaxa var

From: Jeff Weible2817302566

Hang ups

From: Sharon9188849912

Calls multiple times but never leaves a proper voicemail. It's either a short message with static or a long message with static and a dial tone... sometimes it sounds like someone is driving in a car and the phone is all muffled.

From: Jordan 5178523014

They keep calling and won't leave me alone I don't know who they are

From: Sick of it4803479199

Called me at 11pm!! Left no message

From: John4096737849


From: shruppi8883278663

They call my number almost daily- a number that only a few people can know - means it is randomly chosen by their PC - they do not leave a message. If it would be important, they would, wouldn't they? I am not American and have no debts or relatives or EX'es here in the US - Neither EX husband or Ex wife or relatives or friends with debts etc. etc. Therefore this people are fraudsters. Don't take their call and do not give any info to them. Or may do - but fake it all...
If it is a real debt collector and you have debt they will get to you by real mail.

Next time they call I will play "the game" with them - if I have time and if I am in the mood.
You know: put them on hold and.... my spaghetti cook over and the cat just brought a bird and the door bell is ringing and there is another call on my other line and then I will give them all false info, false names, let them send me (!!) an invoice to a fake address if they want money .... and I give them my IN-Provider's phone number to call back (the one fo

From: Joe5169748129

Called dont know who

From: Blynn Atchley2015541187

It's some reward redemption number. Don't call it back.

From: SUMMER5029999622


From: Brave Sir Robin3605445666

Rang twice. No message left.

From: Steve2033816082

Debbie from Porter & Chester Institute

From: JOSE O ESPINOSA8176941691

The woman who was speaking to me had all my details such as name and address saying I had a nine thousand dollar grant from the government gave me an option of doing either cash or direct deposit to get cash I would have to go to a western union.

From: chris4255953036

Sirius xm radio

From: JAMEELA5138302440


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